Bamboo Tongs 12″

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Hold on tight:

Non-scratch for non-stick cookware

6 serrated bamboo teeth

Heat and steam-resistant

Easy to clean


Sustainably sourced, with low-carbon shipping

No plastic packaging – comes in protective cotton bag

Purple Leaf 30-day money-back guarantee

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12″ Bamboo Tongs

Can be used as Toast Tongs, Serving Tongs or Kitchen Tongs

Finger buffets can get pretty hands-on. Get a grip with our brilliant 12” bamboo tongs.

Durable, gorgeous and ergonomically comfortable, these versatile tongs serve salad, toast and everything in between. Made of rich, renewable bamboo, each pair is lightweight but mighty strong, with six serrated teeth

Purple Leaf uses Phyllostachys bamboo to make flexible, long-lasting kitchen implements. We roast the bamboo for strength and colour, and package using only cotton. Each piece comes with a guarantee of quality, and a commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Shipped, rather than flown, our tongs even travel thoughtfully, all the way to your door.

A quality product that helps the world around you. The ultimate pick-me-up.


Care instructions: Purple Leaf bamboo wood utensils contain no stain, paint, plastics, lacquer or varnish. To clean, hand-wash with warm water and mild soap, before drying thoroughly.

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