Bamboo Spoon 12″

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Stirring stuff:

One angled and one rounded corner for flexible use

Heat and steam-resistant

Easy to clean


Handle hole for easy storage on a rack or a hook

Sustainably sourced, with low-carbon shipping

No plastic packaging – comes in protective cotton bag

Purple Leaf 30-day money-back guarantee

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12″ Bamboo Spoon.

Wooden Spoon, Kitchen Spoon, Cooking Spoon.

Another wooden spoon perished or splintered? Make it last this time with the Purple Leaf 12” bamboo spoon.

Light, attractive and a pleasure to use, our bamboo spoon is deceptively tough. Durable enough for everyday use, this cooking spoon is a kitchen essential. Bamboo is also less absorbent than wood, so our spoons won’t splinter or split. This means they stay clean and hygienic, for safe food preparation.

Strong they may be, but each Purple Leaf utensil is gentle on your cookware. No scratched pans or damaged non-stick coatings. Just the freedom to cook with energy and style.

Practical, sustainable and pretty great-looking, it’s a statement, a conscious choice and a kitchen staple. Our bamboo spoon serves the world well.

Already a fan? Try our bamboo utensils set for yourself or a friend.


Care instructions: Purple Leaf bamboo wood utensils contain no stain, paint, plastics, lacquer or varnish. To clean, hand-wash with warm water and mild soap, before drying thoroughly.

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Dimensions 33 × 7 × 2 cm


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