Bamboo Cookbook / Tablet Stand

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Not just a one night stand

  • A LIFE SAVER IN THE KITCHEN – This Bamboo Cookbook Stand is ideal for following your favourite recipes at a glance while your hands are busy creating. This book rest means your book is not flat down on the counter which saves on space and the risk of your book/tablet getting hit with food. We provide a care card to help you keep the cookbook holder in good condition.
  • STUDY COMFORTABLY – Study at home or away with this light weight, collapsible and portable Tablet Stand, just the thing for online studying and notetaking. Not only do you save space but having the book or tablet device at a comfortable upright reading position means you’re not causing harm to your posture as when having sit hunched over a desk to read and write. Great for anyone who might have problem holding up a book like small children or those with arthritis for example.
  • SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE – This reading rest has a very simple frame to allow easy access for connecting a power cable or speakers to your device. The Bamboo reading rest is in two simple pieces that slot together forming a strong and study structure to support your tablet device or book. When collapsed the two pieces fit nicely into the provided cotton bag that you can take with you wherever you go. The uncomplicated design has no extra parts or screws to break or lose.
  • A STAND FOR ALL – Not just a book stand or tablet rest this display stand has other potential uses such as a rest for music sheets, a stand for a small canvas for painting, for displaying decorative plates or menus and price lists. Take it on a flight and sit the stand nicely on the table to read, watch movies or play games.
  • ECO FRIENDLY and CARBON CONSIOUS – Made from Phyllostachys bamboo and by using food safe oil no paint, plastics, lacquer or varnish were used in the manufacture of our Bamboo products, your Purple Leaf Bamboo Book Stand is shipped, not flown, and arrives wrapped in cardboard and tied with string, meaning no plastic packaging

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The brand-new Purple Leaf Bamboo Cookbook / Tablet Stand.

Easy to assemble, highly durable, an eco-friendly solution to the modern small kitchen, fold-down table, or work desk.

No more fighting for space with your ingredients and your cookbooks; no more books on your lap while you read or study; no more stress trying to fit everything onto a fold-down table on rush-hour trains.

  • Use it as a cook book stand to free up space on your surfaces.
  • As a book stand, there is space for your book without being larger and bulkier than the book itself. Excellent for comic books and graphic novels!
  • Works perfectly as a Tablet Stand (or larger smartphone stand) with ample space for wires and plugs.
  • A wonderful, clever, and adaptable alternative for displaying artworks of most sizes.

With only two pieces which slot together beautifully, this light-weight frame is perfect for anyone who needs somewhere to read recipes, study from multiple sources, or even play a relaxing game or check emails while you travel on a train, plane, and coach service. Anywhere with a flat surface!

We wanted to be sure of only using renewable sources – so you’ll find no metals or plastics. There are no springs, metal clips or stone trays so you happily use it for your tablets and smartphones too, without concern over cracked or broken screen! Without springs or screws, you will also find that there are no rust or dirt marks left by metals when cleaning our display stand.

Our Bamboo book rest is also slim-lined, not bulky, capable of holding larger cookbooks (without being larger than a cookbook itself), or tablets alike, with space for cables under or around it.

When you order, your new Purple Leaf Bamboo Book Stand arrives in its own branded cotton drawstring bag. We also use shipping, not flying when delivering from our manufacturers. Much less of a carbon footprint. Another reason to love our Purple Leaf Bamboo Book Stand.

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