At Purple Leaf, we love to cook. From Thai green curry to beans on toast, we’ve tried the lot. But our kitchen experiments take a toll on our tools.
Wooden spoons splinter after a while. Plastic and silicon aren’t too environmentally friendly. We want biodegradeable, sustainable utensils that look great and work beautifully. That’s why we use bamboo. See our intro video for more about this glorious grass.
Not just any bamboo will do, mind. We chose phyllostachys bamboo from over 1,200 varieties for its strength, durability and versatility. We buy our materials from local farmers in Asia and ship them by sea to reduce our carbon footprint. Every step of the way, you’re buying responsibly.

Quality is everything to us, and it’s not just the food that gets cooked through. Each Purple Leaf spoon and stirrer is oven-roasted to condition the raw bamboo. Heating each part for a different length of time makes the finished bamboo utensil stronger and more durable. As a bonus, it also gives each piece a distinctive two-tone honey colour.

Each Purple Leaf piece comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can be confident of what you’re getting.

Turn up the heat. Prep your fieriest phaal. Brandish that bamboo and let’s get cooking.